1. Are dwgs/sketches/BOM no longer being provided? I haven’t found them for any projects in past year or more. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong location???

  2. I do love the design, Paul, very appealing!
    I am also quite fond of you showing how to build a large cabinet with large side joints (other than dovetails). This is what I have been looking forward to learning throughout your projects.

  3. Hey Sellers team, I’m sorry you’re receiving so many complaints about lack of drawings. I, for one, think I’m getting a great deal on Woodworking Masterclasses by just getting to absorb Paul’s knowledge in his videos as he makes his furniture. Drawings and plans are a bonus because most of the time, I will copy Paul’s joinery techniques and apply them to my own design.

    1. Frank, you are truly fortunate to have the tallent to work that way with the minimum guidance.

      But, it’s a fact that some folk need the full list of ingredients as well as a recipe to bake such a complex cake…… or to make what is a very large, major piece of furniture.

      1. “But, it’s a fact that some folk need the full list of ingredients as well as a recipe to bake such a complex cake”

        I believe Paul’s objective is to train independent, self-sufficient artisans rather than to provide an endless stream of perfect projects anyone can do. Self sufficiency is more than ability with tools. It can also include the ability to design, customize, adapt, or complete a partial design.

        One of the things that makes Paul a good teacher is his intuition regarding when to hand an easy answer to a student and when to let the student struggle. This site has a spectrum of projects from easy to hard and also a spectrum in terms of completeness. Anyone at any level can currently find a project within the archives appropriate to their needs.

        The recent projects are incomplete, but in being so they provide an opportunity for training of those who are more advanced by motivating them to do the hard grubby work of figuring out dimensions, making sketches, looking for inconsistencies, and maybe even experimenting to see how to make certain details work. Of course, it makes sense to ask about these issues and, if Paul has things to share I think he will.

        I think it is important to trust him as our teacher to prioritize when and even if questions / requests are answered. I was unhappy that he did not answer my question about tenon dimensions on the bed, but let it go and did not complain because I assumed he wanted me to research it for myself, which I did by finding some books on door making.

        Hand in hand with trusting him regarding how complete to make things is showing him the respect of not reaching in to how he manages his team or prioritizes their work. Over time, drawings will show up if Paul thinks that is what is best and when resources are available. In the mean time, the intermediate / advanced students who can do the joinery but maybe not be comfortable finishing the design by working out dimensions will have a bit of kick in the behind to give it a try and experience the real risk artisans take when they buy wood and have doubts about what they are about to do.

        (YrHenSaer, much of what I am writing here is not directed at you or what you have said, but instead is reaching back to other recent comments by others. Quoting you was just a convenient place for me to start.)

        1. It is what it is. I am so very grateful to have Pauls knowledege and for so many years he gave it free without anything in return as that is who he is. Loving, gracious , giving and an all round amazing man. I think we can show some of that grace in return and be patient when they may be struggling. I absolutely love watching and learning from him. Although you have great opinions and they hold enormous value there is a paid service behind everything so your opinion on what the service “should” provide or what Paul decides to provide is irrellevant. The documentation states the below. It will come eventually we just have to have patience and understanding.

          What do I get when I sign up for the Premium Membership?
          ……….Each project is accompanied by a tools list, layout diagrams and a cutting list, so you have all the information you need to get started.

  4. Come on guys, how hard is it to make your own dimensions. Paul’s prototyping these projects to his specific home situation and I’m sure is hoping you do the same. He’s always telling us to make our own drawings, he’s even mentioned sketch up.
    If you’ve been watching for a while maybe it’s time to take the next step and start designing your own stuff.

  5. Paul has taught that the drawing is the ultimate reference to size and joint. So in modifying the chest of drawers to 7 drawers of ascending size over 56 inches, and narrowing the width to 22 inches I do refer to my drawing verrry often. I need a drawing. So does Paul.

  6. If Paul Sellers and team were actually lacking in scruples to the degree that folks like davedev say, they would jerk all his posts, delete his account, and we wouldn’t have to listen to the “I do too got a contract!” whining. Covid — although a massive con most of us were too content to see coming — messed up a lot of things. Still can’t depend on service in a restaurant in Virginia. I enjoy the challenge of getting my notebook out, sharpening my pencils and trying to draw my own versions. So sorry you can’t handle that, davedev — I understand the short school bus is a bumpy ride, hard to draw and stuff.
    I know, I’m being rude and a grump, but I am tired of complaints and lack of initiative on the part of some folks here. There is always more than one way to do something in woodworking, true — just like there are more than one kind of wuss who isn’t getting things the way they want, and want to make sure everyone knows it.
    Paul’s group will likely delete this post for my own wheedling. Enjoy or get livid for as long as you can.

          1. Yes, but keep in mind I wrote that when posts were still here. However, mea culpa.
            I am surprised and a little chagrined because of the actions taken but, hey, I’m not that important so I can’t be the cause of everything! But I do feel badly for losing my cool with someone who, upon reflection, didn’t really deserve it. Lesson in empathy for me, I guess.
            I would like to say that, imho, Paul, Joseph and all seem to do a pretty good job with keeping all of this on track, and we can forgive a little tardiness with the dwgs, with the last couple of years of history. I still have trouble getting cat food!

  7. I have followed Paul et al for over 11 years – his Wall clock was the first project I made. I have learnt so much – and surprised myself with what I have been able to do and pass on to others at my local “Man’s Shed” here in UK. At an accumulated cost of almost £1500 over that time, I consider it to have been excellent value for money. I am always impressed by the reliability of the Wednesday afternoon release of the next video – even during holidays and the pandemic. When do these guys actually get a break?

    Paul has taken us on a journey that many of us probably did not know where it would lead. His team have provided us with ever better video presentations – although I would heartily recommend anyone who can access Paul’s Coffee Table project from 10 years ago to sit down and watch each episode from his workshop at Penrhyn Castle. It now seems slightly quaint but it is so enjoyable and packed with all sorts of tips – many of which I had forgotten and have been pleased to be reminded of recently.

    It is with a sense of sadness therefore that I find myself having to agree with DaveDev (who’s post has now apparently been deleted) that the lack of drawings does not reflect well on the Woodworking Masterclass team. Yes, I understand the argument that the more adept amongst us can probably produce drawings of our own – but it should be remembered that there will be new members coming to join the WWMC family each week and they will have been told that drawings are part of the deal – and Paul frequently mentions that they will be available. Yes, again, new members can go back and look at older projects with completed drawings, but that is not what they have signed up for. In addition, there are those (amongst which I include myself) who have great difficulty in visualising joints and even greater difficulty reliably transferring any sketchy visualisations to paper.

    The latest episode (Wardrobe Ep. 6) really brought home to me how valuable a drawing is for the likes of myself. For the first time in 11 years, I was on the point of stopping watching Paul “wing it” as he put it. I struggled on to the end of the video but felt I had understood very little and learnt even less. I have never been disappointed with the Wednesday video – but yesterday I was.

    Paul clearly enjoys his blog and other social media activities, as well as his various writings and sketches. I am sure he finds these a valuable change of pace and outlet for his abilities. So, I would not necessarily expect him to spend valuable time converting his working sketches into full-blown drawings. During the videos Paul is constantly referring to his notes and sketches – they must exist in some form – but they may not be in a form that is suitable for sending out (although I suspect we would all think they were perfectly adequate for mere mortals like us). In the early days I recall the drawings were done by an outside party (Greg Merritt from memory) – who I think was also a subscriber. I do not know why this arrangement fell by the wayside, but I wonder if it is something that the WWMC team could consider, even if only as a temporary measure, to get us caught up with the ever lengthening back-log of drawings. With the availability of drawing software such as Sketchup I would have thought a competent person could produce these drawings quite quickly for Paul to cast an eye over before publication.

    I realise I am being critical here. But equally I feel WWMC should keep to their side of the bargain for subscribers; and I am suggesting a possible short-term solution. I hope this post does not cause untold angst (and it is not deleted).

    1. Many thanks @barrysutton for sharing your thoughts and for following us from Penrhyn Castle to Oxfordshire. It’s great to hear that all you have learnt and shared with others.

      We know how valuable people find the drawings but unfortunately we have gotten behind with them. We are working hard to catch up on the drawings. We released the kitchen shelf drawing yesterday and the oval tables drawings are in their final stages ready for release. We will continue to work to catch up.

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