20 dollar router plane

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    Riley Lennon

    Hello all. I spent the last couple of weeks looking for an affordable Stanley 71. Needless to say I never found one I could afford. So I turned to YouTube. I found a few designs I liked and mixed them together. Made of scrap white oak, a new veritas blade and 3 dollars worth of hardware. Cost me under 20 dollars and works like a dream. I sized and shaped it to my hands and finished it with BLO. It was a fun, quick project. If you are on the fence about building one, jump in and do it. It is well worth the effort.


    Clever and beautiful too. I will try one in the near future if this tendonitis goes away. Thanks for the idea.

    Andrew Henderson

    Very innovative, I’m impressed.

    Larry Geib

    Great work. I especially like your adjustment nut, which I’ve never seen before.

    Was it washers or a coin?

    Peter George

    Well done.

    Peter in
    Biggar SK
    "New York is big, but this is Biggar"

    Riley Lennon

    I used two washers attached with epoxy to the “sleeve nut”. Sorry I dont recall the real name. The adjuster was made with a sawed down carriage bolt epoxied into the body


    Looks nice. I am in desperate need of one. Was it hard to make?


    Nice work rlennon, I, like you had to make my own because of the cost. I also bought a veritas blade (I made one out of a allen key/wrench but my honning was always rubbish!! 😉 ). Mine is made from Australian red gum, a very hard, very dense timber that will take a thread if you don’t ask too much of it. I made it a little long because I mostly use it for cleanning up tenons etc and larger reccesses so the extra lenght helps keep things paralle. The nut I used for the hight adjuster is a spare from a spoke shave that I broke some time ago. As you can see I went for function over form but it works well for my purposes.
    Cheers jcat

    Nick Puiia

    Seems to be a trend where people are using the skills and ideas that we’ve learned here and expanded on the “poor man’s tool” collection. Here is my version of a router plane in maple with a BLO finish. The iron is from Veritas as well.

    Augusto Campos

    I made one with some pine scrap and 7€ (2€ for metal eye and 5€ hex key)

    See http://woodworking.augcampos.pt/projects/shop-tools/hand-router-plane-001/

    Augusto Campos
    YT Channel “Blog das Madeiras”

    Augusto Campos
    (Blog Das Madeiras)
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    Riley Lennon

    This turned into a cool picture gallery! All beautiful, functional, hand-made tools. I’m thinking of making dovetail saw next. That should be an adventure

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