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    Paul uses a 3/16” chisel on a few of his projects (coasters, keepsake box, maybe others). Does anyone know where to get this size? So far I have only found them by Lie-Nielson for $55.00 US.


    Hi Clifford,

    I bought one of the Lie Nielsen 3/16 chisels and like it a lot. Veritas also have the PM-V11® Bench Chisels in 3/16, but that’s even more expensive at $76. They are the only two that I was able to find.


    Debra J

    Look for 5mm chisels. It’s close to 3/16″. I got a 4mm Narex from Highland Woodworking when I needed a 1/8″. It works fine.

    - Debra J

    Paul Dallender

    Is this the sort of thing……I found this on Ebay UK but selling from America so I guess shipment would be cheaper.


    Paul - A southern lad living up north - Nr York England

    Philipp J.

    3/16 is ~4,7mm so if you can find one a 5mm Chisel will be close to that though that is an unusual Size i only know Narex has a 5mm, other then that a 4mm or 6mm is far more common and available from any manufacturer.

    Or as has been said aswell, in the US you might be able to find one second hand.

    Dave Ring

    Paul probably used a 3/16″ chisel on these projects because he happened to have one handy that he likes. Otherwise I’m sure he could have made do with a 1/8″ or 1/4″ chisel.

    BTW the widths of vintage chisels often fall between even eighths of an inch. The oldtimers would adjust the dimensions of their projects to suit their tools.


    Dave Ring

    For the cost of a Lie-Nielsen chisel you could buy a 1/4″ Narex or Faithfull chisel and a cheap 6″ bench grinder!



    I’d try to find a flea market tools dealer. Found a 1/8 and a 3/16 there as these are not so popular. Difficult to sharpen squarely though…

    Fine tools has smaller chisels for a reasonable price in Europe


    Derek Long

    A Pfeil #1 straight chisel in 3mm or 5mm should fit the bill for a very small chisel at around $35.

    Derek Long
    Denver, Colorado


    My 1/8″ chisel is actually a mortise chisel, but I use it for all kinds of work. That might be an option for your 3/16.

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