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    Darren McEvilly

    Dont get me wrong Im not complaining about the quality of the videos and the guidance –  all of Pauls tips and techniques are helping me no end – but Im sort of left wishing after watching the latest project video that there were either more videos released each week or more covered in each video released. I do understand that the videos are covering issues in a ‘real time ‘ style so must take a while to record / view. Perhaps some sort of schedule released of what is being covered in the coming four weeks would help manage subscribers expections .. I would be very interested in knowing any other subscribers thoughts or comments from Paul or Joseph as perhaps there are technical or other reasons.



    Hi Darren,

    In this post

    Joseph explains the logic behind the scheduling.

    For me it is allright. After each episode I feel like I could at least watch another 12 hours. 😉

    We may not forget about the price, too. We pay $15 or less per month for more than two hours with a master craftsman. It would have to be more expensive if there was more than one class per week.



    I enjoy working wood in Germany.


    I’m fine with the way thing are guys


    I tend to agree with Florian, Darren. From my experience in the past if you get to much info right away you 1) don’t appreciate what you’re getting 2) get bogged down in the mass of info and can’t act on the knowledge. Also the time between videos gives you time to internalize the techniques Paul is teaching through thought and practice.

    I do understand your want to watch more as I feel the same way, but it makes you hungry for the next one. I think the rate of videos is perfect and affordable.

    West Virginia, USA


    Sooner or later they will have to spin off a newbies group, but it is early days yet. I am WAY behind because my wife will not let me start the projects until I finish renovating our bathroom.

    Robin ... Richmond, Virginia, USA

    Adam Magers

    Darren, I could watch Paul Sellers teach a class every single day and never get tired of it. I make furniture for a living, but I constantly find myself asking questions about techniques and projects and wish that there were more videos to teach me new things or help me improve. Although I’m new to this class, I can’t imagine the pace is too slow. These skills take years to develop and the possibilities with what you can do are limitless. It’s always fun to experiment and use techniques you’ve learned on different projects, and it will make you a better woodworker.


    I am happy with the current pace. I don’t have much time with my busy work and travel schedule, plus I do all the stock prep by hand. I had to use my 6 ppi handsaw to resaw some stock for the bottom of the first box. I just started stock prep for the second last night. I was hoping to finish prep tonight, but work intervened.


    While I probably can’t get enough of Paul’s videos and would like to see one every day, I too think the pace is reasonable.  If I did not have a full-time job and family I would likely be more impatient for the next video but the current pace allows me to juggle everything and not get too far behind on the woodworking side.

    Darren McEvilly

    Thanks for all the feedback – great to see a forum where everyone can have an opinion with well balanced points of view without trying to create an argument – decent bunch of folk on here for sure… maybe Ive just had one of those weeks then and I need to have a little more patience – I really wanted to see how to get the lid done as I had covered most of the other techniques in building the clock and the video stopped at the critical moment !  Anyway gives me time to crack on finishing my tool cabinet 🙂

    Have a great weekend all! Just completed a dry January so will enjoy a nice glass of red tonight 🙂



    HaHa, Enjoy Darren. I have had a dry 25 years so have one for me buddy 😉


    CHeers to you my friend… You could always make a bunch of boxes, and then when the lids video comes around, make a bunch of lids!!

    But anyways, what could be helpful is to schedule the project in the info page. For this project, in the duration section, it only states four to six weeks… It would be helpful for some people if there is information on what will be received each week:  Say: Week 1 Design considerations, stock preparation, measuring and marking, week2: tails, week 3 pins and glue up, week 4: bottom…. etc…

    Personally,  I like the surprise so all of the week I am anxious on what is coming next wednesday!


    From El Salvador, currently living in Guatemala

    Ron Harper

    No complaints whatever. I suggest going back over the lessons. Much treasure to mine their. Even if you have already done a project. there all kinds of tips and teachings packed into a half hour. I am starting to make some notes. I have been at this for a while.

    Greg Merritt

    My understanding is this…its not about the project, its about the lesson to be learned.  For example, the lesson for this project is dovetails.  I’m not going to become proficient at cutting dovetails by making three small boxes so I have been cutting several dovetails in scraps to gain proficiency.  I’ll actually make the box when I’m comfortable with cutting dovetails.  Generally speaking, here is the new skill and how you can apply it.  Practice the new skill, the project is just an added bonus.  The skills are the important thing, learn the skills and you can build anything you want.  I’m approaching this as an online apprenticeship not a how to class.


    It’s slow Darren, I personaly can’t wait till the bigger projects arrive. But I do find each video very informative. Very impressed with current video 5.


    Hi all, I tend to agree with Darren’s point but i also appreciate value for money. Paul is a great teacher and he has helped me make my first box. (see photo) Please be gentle with your comments! lol

    Although i am happy with the projects, i would like to see a more concise schedule regarding future projects etc.

    Keep up the good work!!!!


    Dougie Wibberley

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