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    For those of you in the UK…according to the weekly magazine I picked up today the £7.99 set of 4 chisels should be in sale in Lidl from this Thursday, 1st Nov 2018.



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    @nikolaj33 flattening a plane sole is very different from flattening a chisel or iron. On the plane, we actually want the edges to be curved so that they do not form sharp arises that catch the work. On the chisel, we don’t want to dub the corners because it makes it hard to get sharp all the way to the corner, although a strop can help with that.

    I find that sandpaper has much more grit than a diamond plate and will cut far faster, but as you say you must replace the paper frequently. I find that, if I give a very light application of spray adhesive to the paper and none on the granite plate, then the paper will stick, will not move around, but comes up off the granite with a fingernail and a tug. I give maybe one to three very brief sprays as I move the can across the paper, then let it dry for just half a minute. Actually, I just pick the paper up off of my spray mat, give a wave or two, and then put it on the granite. Maybe it’s half a minute of drying? I can change the paper dozens of times without cleaning the granite. Eventually, the granite gets enough residual adhesive on it that I’ll clean it. I try to start with 220 grit, but if that doesn’t seem enough, I’ll go down to 120. I try hard not to go lower than that because it can be very hard to get the scratches out, but sometimes I’ve gone lower.

    I realize this isn’t the “right” way to use spray adhesive, but that’s kind of the point. We don’t want a good bond, just good enough to keep the paper from curling while we work. You may see a video in which Paul works a chisel without gluing the paper down, but he’s working the bevel, not the back, and that makes all the difference.



    Which kind of glue is that? Because the spray glue that I have definitely needs to be applied generously both on the paper and the surface as per manufacturers instructions. Otherwise it won’t stick.



    It’s 3M 77 spray adhesive onto dry paper-backed abrasive (not cloth) and a granite block.



    Any spray adhesive from the stationary suppliers has worked for me. It doesn’t need to be a branded one – nonames work as well as the good ones. At a pinch, even spraying water underneath the wet and dry will work for a short while, if you press it down hard enough – but it will move eventually.

Viewing 4 replies - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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