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    Larry Geib

    I have always used a brush to apply milk paint and haven’t had the foaming problem, but where I buy the stuff there is usually a product next to the milk paint that is an anti foaming agent additive.
    It may be the brand of roller, but some other issue such as water hardness or ( more likely) softness.


    That may solve your issues.


    @ed – thank you for the roller suggestion! I’ll keep experimenting, as time allows. Maybe one of these years I’ll even understand my mistakes 🙂

    harry wheeler

    Foam rollers for me have always been a crap-shoot. They work fine for some things and make a horrible mess with others. I have had good luck with lambs wool rollers with almost any type of finish so you might want to give those a try.



    @1boardatatime Curtis’ video was interesting. It reminded me that the General Finishes milk paint probably isn’t really milk paint. It’s a thick acrylic made to look like milk paint. So, it may not behave as expected from its name. I’d like to try real milk paint now.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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