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    I bought a nice Record 080 scraper without a blade on eBay the other day. When I put the bid in it was late and I assumed there would be plenty of replacement blades available. Went to bed and forgot about it until I got an email saying I’d won it and couple of days later. Great, I thought, now I’ll buy a blade… except I can’t find one.

    I’ve seen the new Faithfull ones, but I’m not sure the steel will be much good. I’d prefer an original Record. Anyone know how I can get hold of one? Cheers 🙂


    No idea where to get an original, sorry. I have to wonder, however, what it special about an original? Did they have some steel back then that was better than what we have now?

    If you’re concerned only about quality of steel, would a Hock Tools scraper blade, made to fit a Stanley #80 scraper, also fit in your Record?

    Worst case, you can buy 18 inches x 3 inches x 1/16th inch of O1 tool steel sheet for 40 bucks plus shipping, cut it to the proper size, and have enough steel for several scraper blades.

    David B

    Check highland woodworking?


    The blade from the Stanley 80 will fit and if you’re in the UK Axminster sell one for their own scraper for just over £5 but I’ve never used one so don’t know what the steel is like. Even the Veritas one might fit but I’d have to confirm that and I’m not at the workshop today, I will try tomorrow and let you know.

    I’m sure the Hock blade would be great but wow that’s expensive, more than the scraper I’d bet!

    I suppose if you wait long enough an original will turn up but as I’ve found waiting on parts to rebuild a Sorby plane you can wait a long time!



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    Thanks all. I’m not set on getting an original, so these are all good suggestions. I’ve since seen that the veritas blade does fit the 080 scraper, but I can’t find any in stock in the UK. For a few pounds I’ll probably give their own brand on a try.


    I found Axminster 80 scraper blade to be far too thick. I got the impression that whoever designed and manufactured it for them didn’t understand how the tool was supposed to work.

    The plane body itself was also very poor, as was the spokeshave I bought at the same time, really put me off buying any more Axminster own brand tools. The second hand Stanley and Record versions I’ve bought since are far superior.

    Larry Geib

    Paul has used the faithfull cabinet scraper blades in 80 and 080 scraper planes and reviewed them as “ok”. Here’s the first UK source that came up.

    Purchase on Amazon

    Before you purchase, go to Paul’s blog page and search on “faithfull”.

    Several pertinent blog posts came up. They are apparently a little thinner and thus might need to be shimmed against the holding bar and have the wrong angle grind, but will work ok if you fix that.
    ( the picture in the link looks like the proper 45° Grind to me)

    The price looks very cheap.

    I’ve use the veritas blade on a Stanley 80 to good effect. I imagine a record scraper version is identical as are most record plane offerings, but I’ve never actually used one.

    And when I first got my Stanley 80 years ago, I used a cutting off a saw plate until I could find a proper replacement blade. I’m pretty confident I wasn’t the first woodworker who did that.

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    That’s good info re. the Axminster blades, they do look pretty thick tbh.

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    Peter George

    Veritas also sells a replacement scraper blade sized for the no. 80. I’m not sure of the difference from the one for the Veritas scraper but they have different catalog numbers.

    Peter in
    Biggar SK
    "New York is big, but this is Biggar"

    Mike I

    And when I first got my Stanley 80 years ago…

    Blimey Larry, how old are you?

    Oh.. I see what you mean ?

    Larry Geib

    I was -10 at the time. 😉

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