Replacement screw for Stanley 45 fence

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    Derek LongDerek Long

    Does anyone have a 45 type 12 or up with the micro-adjust fence? There’s a locking screw on the left side of the fence body at the left small rod for the fence (not the main fence rods, the little micro-adjust rods, and not the adjusting screw in the middle of the fence). Can anyone let me know the thread diameter and pitch of that screw to try to get a replacement at HD or something rather than paying $15 or more off Ebay for a hit or miss?

    Much appreciated!

    Derek Long
    Denver, Colorado

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    Yongwon LeeYongwon Lee


    I finally found the correct screw. It is a #10-28.
    Although it is not a standard UNC or UNF thread, apparently it is a thread type that is used in facets and airplanes.

    eBay has a few options. One seller is making brand new custom made #10-28 thumb screws. Look for THUMB SCREW – 10-28 THREADS. I installed it in my Stanley 45 and it fits perfectly. See the attached picture.

    [attachment file=”458125″]

    And as I mentioned it before, it is the same as the adjusting screw for the Stanley #53 and #54 spokeshaves. Apparently it is also used for the Stanley #78 fence.


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    Derek LongDerek Long


    Fantastic work! This is a part that is often missing on 45’s. Now we all know how to get a replacement screw instead of buying a second 45 if an original screw isn’t available on the market someplace.

    Derek Long
    Denver, Colorado

    Rick GatewoodRick Gatewood


    Try nhplaneparts on ebay they have lots of 45 parts

    Juan MorenoJuan-M


    I found a screw that works that is also fairly easy to get in the U.S..

    Danco 35150B No. 10-28 x 3/8 in. L Slotted Round Brass Bibb Screw

    I tried it on my Wards Master 45 plane which is missing the fence screw as well. It fits like a charm. I paid 69 cents at my local ACE Hardware store. So if you don’t feel like paying $20 for a thumb screw, this is it.

    A few things:
    – this is a chrome plated brass screw, so don’t reef on it. With care I think it will last quite a while.
    – this screw is used on faucet handles, so check your faucet! lol
    – this is THE only local place I found this size screw, and I checked all over.
    – on my Wards 45 it fits with a couple threads to spare.
    – I have a very old and a relatively new Stanley 78 plane, and that fence screw did NOT fit on my Wards 45.

    Hope this helps.

    Dave RingDave Ring


    Lowes sells 10-28 Bibb screws in stainless steel.

    I think I’ll pick up a few next time I’m in there.

    Thanks for the tip, Juan!


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