Replacement screw for Stanley 45 fence

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    Derek Long

    Does anyone have a 45 type 12 or up with the micro-adjust fence? There’s a locking screw on the left side of the fence body at the left small rod for the fence (not the main fence rods, the little micro-adjust rods, and not the adjusting screw in the middle of the fence). Can anyone let me know the thread diameter and pitch of that screw to try to get a replacement at HD or something rather than paying $15 or more off Ebay for a hit or miss?

    Much appreciated!

    Derek Long
    Denver, Colorado

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    Yongwon Lee


    I finally found the correct screw. It is a #10-28.
    Although it is not a standard UNC or UNF thread, apparently it is a thread type that is used in facets and airplanes.

    eBay has a few options. One seller is making brand new custom made #10-28 thumb screws. Look for THUMB SCREW – 10-28 THREADS. I installed it in my Stanley 45 and it fits perfectly. See the attached picture.

    [attachment file=”458125″]

    And as I mentioned it before, it is the same as the adjusting screw for the Stanley #53 and #54 spokeshaves. Apparently it is also used for the Stanley #78 fence.


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    Derek Long


    Fantastic work! This is a part that is often missing on 45’s. Now we all know how to get a replacement screw instead of buying a second 45 if an original screw isn’t available on the market someplace.

    Derek Long
    Denver, Colorado

    Rick Gatewood


    Try nhplaneparts on ebay they have lots of 45 parts



    I found a screw that works that is also fairly easy to get in the U.S..

    Danco 35150B No. 10-28 x 3/8 in. L Slotted Round Brass Bibb Screw

    I tried it on my Wards Master 45 plane which is missing the fence screw as well. It fits like a charm. I paid 69 cents at my local ACE Hardware store. So if you don’t feel like paying $20 for a thumb screw, this is it.

    A few things:
    – this is a chrome plated brass screw, so don’t reef on it. With care I think it will last quite a while.
    – this screw is used on faucet handles, so check your faucet! lol
    – this is THE only local place I found this size screw, and I checked all over.
    – on my Wards 45 it fits with a couple threads to spare.
    – I have a very old and a relatively new Stanley 78 plane, and that fence screw did NOT fit on my Wards 45.

    Hope this helps.

    Dave Ring


    Lowes sells 10-28 Bibb screws in stainless steel.

    I think I’ll pick up a few next time I’m in there.

    Thanks for the tip, Juan!


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