Water and heat resistant wood glue?

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    Jukka Huuskonen

    I’m planning to make a water bucket for sauna (Finnish hot room). We usually store the water bucket in sauna, where it may get easily 70-80°C where the bucket will be.

    Is there any wood glue that can withstand that heat (and preferably a bit higher) and also water?


    If you make the joints tight the water will swell the bucket and you won’t need glue. Especially if there is a band or two around it.

    Larry Geib

    An old cooper’s trick in making buckets is to put flax (linseed) meal in the joints during assembly.

    ( about 12:00 minutes in )

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    Excellent bit of film, Larry – well done for finding that one.

    Benoît Van Noten

    Although not a bucket, the principle shown in following link is interesting:


    Fank Klausz’s expanding strip in the bottom of the water-box reminds me of a technique I saw demonstrated in a museum in Japan many years ago.

    Netsuke and other carvers wished to make protruding dimples on the backs of carved toads.
    They carved the toad shape first; next, marked the positions of the dimples on the toad’s skin. The centres of each were punched with a device like a nail-punch that depressed the wood a couple of millimetres. The whole area was then shaved down to the level of the depressions and heated with damp cloths and hot irons. The depressions expanded back to their original shapes.

    The result, after sanding and some detail carving, were some very convincing toads – warts and all.

    Benoît Van Noten

    pounding the board edges is also used in boat-building.

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