What do you want our next mini-series to be on?

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    Joseph Sellers

    So, the coffee table is coming to an end (we are going to have three more super-episodes of around 1 hour each).

    We have received a lot of feedback from people saying they want to see the tool chest/box next. We are listening and that will be our next major project.

    However, for our members who don’t want to tackle the bigger projects yet we thought we could shoot a small project that we could show in two or three episodes.

    Do you have any ideas? Something small you want to know how to make?


    How about some picture frames?


    I second Birts comment above. I did recently see Paul in a youtube video (poor ‘handycam’ from an old woodworking show) making a small picture frame with an inlaid detail. A technique that I would be keen to learn and not one yet covered so I think picture frames would be good and quick.

    Thanks for raising it to the forum Joseph.


    Martyn Chick


    Just some Ideas off the top of my head.
    High Stool
    Picture Frames
    Towel Rack
    Coat Rack
    CD/DVD Storage
    Table lamp
    Plate Rack
    Tea Tray

    Scott Smith

    How about a stool of some kind. Not the one from the dvd series. Maybe a Craftsman inspired stool.

    Steve Follis

    I need a stool to use at my workbench.

    Memphis, Tennessee


    An arts and craft inspired picture frame would be nice.

    Or maybe something that involves the mitre joint.

    Gary Clark

    I could use a stool for my workbench as well.

    Layton, Utah, United States of America

    Jim Burcicki

    How about a handsaw rack to store handsaws?

    Martin Bargeman

    I would like to see a technique series showing half lap dovetails, mitre dovetails, mitre joints etc

    Norwich, Norfolk, UK


    Assuming that frame/panel and half-lap dovetails will be covered in the upcoming tool box videos, here are my ideas:

    1) Paul has a small rack on the end of his bench to keep his marking gauges. I wouldn’t mind making something similar for commonly used tools.

    2) The picture frame could be a great small project if it shows a keyed miter joint.

    3) I would like to make a donkey-ear shooting board at some point. That may not be small enough.

    4) A stool is fine as well if it shows a new joint. A wedged M&T would be nice.

    -Scott Los Angeles

    Brian Loran

    Great news about the tool chest being next up!

    Not sure about a small project…. Wine rack? Magazine rack? Small end table (match the coffee table)? I do like the stool Gary C. suggested.


    I’d be less interested in what the project is, and more interested in the new skills the project introduces.

    Mick Mercer

    All the above sound good to me. Can I add a small book holder for the kitchen to hold books when cooking.

    Brett McDermott

    I am pumped about the tool chest being next can’t wait to build that.

    For small projects here are a couple ideas.
    1. Paul’s Mallet that he made on his blog
    2. Marking gauge
    3. Cutting Board
    4. Chess Board with pieces
    5. Picture Frame

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 51 total)
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