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    Sorry forgot to attach the photos


    George I started making two drawers to fit into the end of my bench today. I have cut and sized the timber (pine) and cut my first dovetails on one of them. They are the first ones I have done since my weekend course with Paul. They are far from perfect but work ok and are quite tight. because the drawers are made of pine I’m not certain what sort of runners to use as I’m told Pine doesn’t run so smoothly on pine. I’m only using two drawers with a shelf attached to the bottom of the aprons to store my sharpening plates. I’ll post some pictures when I’ve built them.


    Mark I just found this thread and your comment made me chuckle, I can hear myself saying the same thing when I bought the timber for my bench. No wonder the young lad at the yard looked at me confused.


    My 9″ eclipse vice arrived today. I ordered it yesterday afternoon and it arrived this morning they must have used the Royal Airforce to deliver it by Harrier. All I need now is a forklift to help me install it, it weighs a ton.


    Ken you have done the right thing. There are quite a few scammers out there who put up adds particularly on eBay that look genuine but when you get to the payment section you are directed somewhere else that looks like eBay but it isn’t. If your purchase was through the site I’d put a message through to them and I suspect they will already be aware of this vendor. For what it is worth try to make payments via PayPal you at least have some redress if it goes wrong.


    Thanks Steve I don’t know of anyone else that has used one so if you do and it’s fine then I’m happy to go with that. I’ll add a post when it’s fitted and I’m using it to let you know how it works.


    Thanks for all the advice chaps. I’m beginning realise now how complicated wood is. I think I’ll go with the cheap option as Paul has suggested for a first attempt and the graduate onto the more expensive woods if it turns out successful.


    Thanks for all the help guys, I hadn’t considered the chemicals and contact with people. I’ll probably go with pine and try to protect myself, maybe paint them.


    David thanks for the photos and advice it always makes it a little easier to see what’s going on. I’ve decided to go for the 9″ quick release eclipse vice. I’ve got a really busy couple of weeks so I’ll post some photos of the process and finished product when it’s done. The next thing will be the finish, I can’t make my mind up between varnish, shellac or paint.


    Thanks David your post came up just after I added my last. I’d be very interested to see how you installed your vice. Its the longevity of them I’m concerned about I don’t want to waste time and money having to constantly repair and buy parts for it.


    Thanks for the replies chaps. I’ve seen how Paul puts a dog system into the vice jaw pads but I think a purpose made one would somehow be better. I’ve just watched Pauls European workbench dvd and I’m pretty sure its an eclipse vice that he installs. I can’t find any reviews on them good or bad so I think I’ll take a punt on one of them, I just hope it’s not an expensive mistake.


    Thanks for that Ken I found this company on YouTube a few months ago. If you haven seen it yet watch them building a corner chair it’s amazing.


    Lee I was a little confused abbut this also. If you look at the pictures the laminations for the actual top is made up of 6 lengths of 3×2 and the seventh one is the apron which is 3 lengths of 3×2 laminated.


    Nice piece of smoothing Serhiy, I hope I can get my bench as smooth and flat. I’m not sure I could stand 2 hours of planing in 40 degree heat it’s bad enough here in the north of England 28 degrees. Good luck with the rest of the build.


    Thanks for all the positive comments guys. The hunt is on for a vice and hopefully it is the start of a long woodworking journey.

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