1. I notice there’s no central support for the base of the cot, it visibly flexes when a small amount of pressure is applied in the video. Is this intentional or an oversight in editing?

    Clearly a baby doesn’t way all that much but it seemed odd to me that the middle of the base panel has no support.

  2. I have made two baby cribs, so I have some perspective on the process and the end product.

    Your baby cot is a beauty. It will be a treasured family heirloom for generations to come.

    Well done, Grandpa!

  3. Lovely project. Nicely executed Paul and well filmed series as always.

    We got three boinks and a mitre joke as well in this episode. Love the light hearted humour. Always makes my train journey fly by and half bearable.

    Can’t wait for the next project.


  4. Hi Paul and team,
    Clearly Paul is a master craftsman, but that camera work and everything else that goes into making the final product is incredible. It’s highlighted to me even more when I try to take a phot or video of something I have made and just utterly fail to do it any justice. Well done team!
    Regards from Allan

  5. Paul, I have a question about painting such a large project. When you paint, do you do both sides at the same time or do one, let it dry and then do the other side? And then follow up questions, if you do both sides at the same time, how do you support it while painting and drying; if one side at a time, how do you deal with the joint line of the now dry paint with the fresh paint? Thanks

    1. Hi,

      Paul says:
      I would do one side, let it dry and do the other. You can over paint onto the dry and it will all blend, especially when you have the full number of coats on.

      Kind Regards,

    1. Hi Andrea,

      Paul says: It is a standard size cot mattress, that said, whichever mattress you buy you should size to your cot accordingly and also look to any legislation manufacturers must conform to in the country you are in. This will be a good guide for you.

      Kind Regards,

  6. Hello,

    I’m so please to be putting the final touches to my baby’s cot but I have a question about furniture polish.

    Did Paul finish the cot by using the National Trust polish? I’m not sure whether or not it’ll be a safe product for our baby.

    Best wishes

      1. Thank you Izzy and Paul.

        I decided to go with the National Trust polish and it looks lovely. Our little daughter (born on Paul’s 70th birthday) will spend many a happy night in her beautiful cot.

        Thank you for giving me the confidence to make such a wonderful piece of furniture.


  7. Hello, and Thanks
    As always Mr. Paul, your teaching me another lovely project.
    I have my first grate grandchild on the way and I think this would be a good gift to make for my grandson for he and he wife’s first child.

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