1. Hi Howard,

      Paul says the best thing you can do, next time you have a frame is clamp it up as a dry run and check yourself for square. Then angle the clamps in to see how the clamp moves the frame out of square or into square, then you will know which way and by how much in a real time glue up.

      Kind Regards,

  1. I think brass 5/16” (or 8 mm) bolts with threaded inserts might be a good alternative to the barrel bolts. Plus, I think I would countersink the bolts so that they end up below the surface, both for appearance and strength. With a brace and bit, it’s better to begin with the countersink hole, since the center of the through hole is then clearly marked by the tip of the snail. Similarly, the center of the threaded insert will be clearly marked by the snail. It has the added benefit of (possibly) being an easier process to line everything up accurately. Also countersinking the bolt head allows for the use of a small round “swing-away” key-hole cover brass plate to hide the bolt head if you wished.

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