1. Hi Paul. I have problem when it comes to obtaining the correct lumber for the legs of this project. The drawing calls for 2 1/8″ thick lumber. The best I could do is to buy 1 3/4″, a full 3/8″ shy of the spec. Am I dead in the water, or can I make that work?

      1. I live in a very small town in the midwestern US. I am quite lucky to have a source of hardwood with in an hours drive at all. And the thickest stock they sell is 8/4. That kind of sucks, but I hate to bitch about it because as I said, I’m quite lucky to have that, or I would be cutting my own trees down.

  2. This is beautiful. We’re all collectively very lucky to have such a fine craftsman share his knowledge with us. Thanks, Paul. I learn everyday. And I intend to keep learning every day until I die.

  3. It’s amazing to realize that this educational video of a master will live for ever on the internet. I find it so relaxing to watch knowing that nothing will go wrong and calm careful hand work will result in a beautiful piece of woodwork. Thank you Paul.

    1. I have to say, I find these videos the most helpful when Paul actually does mess up, as opposed to “knowing that nothing will go wrong.” We’re all human beings, after all, even Paul Sellers. His skill is most evident when, after messing up, he shows us all how he managed to fix it, resulting in “a beautiful piece of woodwork,” as you say. No, its the saving oneself after the inevitable screw up that truly displays his mastership is his (and, if we persevere, maybe our) craft.

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