1. Would it be easier to get the shelves and supports all the same length first, fit them all together inside the sides and then layout the top based on that? It seems that laying out the top first makes it awkward to get the shelf lengths exactly right.

    1. Dan,

      I was thinking about a similar question to yours.

      I think that it would be OK to get the markings of the remaining shelves from the bookcase top-shelf housing dadoes. Perhaps master Paul could correct me on that.

      Anyhow, trial assembly is really useful, I just wish I got paid for trials 🙂


      1. Dan & Jake,
        It is very difficult to be sure of the exact length of the shelves needed until you have the top, bottom and side dadoes cut. They can then be individually cut to length if necessary, so would recommend Paul’s order of working.
        Best, Phil

    1. Hello Betzalel,
      Once you have your two sides set parallel, you measure from the bottom of one housing to the bottom of the other. With smaller pieces, you can place the end of the shelf in one housing and use a knife to mark the length at the bottom of the other, but this is more tricky with larger projects.

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