1. Outstanding! Your simplicity is quite remarkable. I have watched you work many times and never grow weary of it. What most impresses me is your utter lack of sensationalism. No “arts and mysteries” here. It’s just the way things are done. The techniques require practice, but they are all achievable. Thank you for your matter-of-fact humility. Also, thank you to all the members. I have yet to read anything undignified here.

  2. I gave the bullnose a try last night on a couple of different boards. The problem I ran into was chatter and squeaking when I tried to work the end grain edges. 45 degrees and flatter (toward the face) worked nicely but when I tried anything above 45 degrees the board began to chatter squeak and skip. I lower the piece in the vice as far as possible but I ran out of room before I ran out of squeaks. I have a Sjobergs type bench with wood side and tail vices. They are thicker than a metal vice like Paul’s so that limits low low I can go and still hold the plane at 45-ish degrees.

    1. I think you should use my oil-in-the-can lubricator at this stage in planing. I use it all the time and it really helps. Remember with pine that the wood is high in resinous oils that create friction not lubrication. That’s where we get the rosin we get that makes the violin stick to the violin strings to give them sound.

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