1. At the very end when Paul lifted the cover it appeared shiny on the underside like he used shellac / paste wax on the cutting board side of the top. Did he?

    Considering he left the rest of the inside unfinished, I would have thought the cutting board side of the top would have been left unfinished as well or maybe rubbed with some sort of vegetable oil instead.

  2. Thanks for the card
    The drawing of manual sawing was amazing
    I see in the shirt a profile of a face
    As to the bread stow
    Which I am making to stow dog food on the kitchen counter
    I get the feeling the box bottom doesn’t need glued supports from the top
    The pressure from the weight of the bread (or dog food) will easily keep it in place
    Actually on second thought it shouldn’t be glued from the bottom either
    The box bottom should be able to be removed to make it
    Easier to clean bread crumbs
    I think there is more potential pressure on top supports
    And perhaps those should have small brass screws added
    For additional support
    Again just my two cents

  3. Could you please give us the reference number of your two Bahco files? I suspect that the finer one is the bastard cut one you recommend on commonwoodworking (4-138-10-1-2)? I’m struggling to find a decent coarser file.

      1. Izzy, many thanks for replying. The link you give though is for saw files. General cutting files, as used in this project, are covered on a different Common Woodworking guide page, which I have also read carefully. While that page mentions both coarser (second cut) and finer (bastard cut) files, it only gives the reference to the finer Bahco file. In this project, Paul uses both, and in particular, a coarser Bahco file which has a safe edge. I have struggled to find this, and was hoping that you could share the reference number of that file.

        1. Hi,

          Ah yes sorry, I misread your question!

          Paul says:

          I wouldn’t say it is necessary to get this one, I anticipate that my audience will start to experiment with different files as you grow. This file in particular I wouldn’t offer as a recommendation, one file is just fine.

          Kind Regards,

  4. I just made one out of Tasmanian Oak (Eucalyptus Regnis).

    I couldn’t get any round headed screws of any material, be that Phillips or slotted, so I settled for antique brass countersunk screws.

    Cutting the sides of the lid I was so conscious of what Paul said not to chisel right through and break out the centre right ill it came to doing it then totally forgot and messed up both ends. 🤬

    This is probably what I’m most disappointed with.

    Because I must have it in 7 days for Christmas I opted for putty rather than inlaying another piece.
    If this doesn’t work I’ll replace it with something later.

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