1. This is an excellent project! I love making furniture type items and, I am a woodcarver. But I have always kept the two skills apart really. When I carve I am usually carving faces, wood spirits and the like. This will be the first time I build something that incorporates carving, I love it.

    Thanks everyone involved for making this video.

  2. I had to laugh when Paul said the joint works every time. I tried making one by guessing and complete inexperience a while ago and I cut the mortice too deep so there wasn’t enough meat left there. When I was driving the joint in, glue and all the wood split on the mortice piece. I didn’t mind though because the wedges did go in and the tenon closed up the dovetailed gaps on the mortice so it was really strong. It was interesting to see that I had got the joint angles right by guessing.

  3. I’m just starting to build a screen door for my son’s back door, so this lesson is quite timely. Should be a very similar process as the screens will be removable and replaceable with storm glass.

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