1. great lesson thanks, I like it @10 minutes in where Paul say plenty of glue the proceeds to put the thinnest of films of glue known to man, plenty for me still means fill that gap haha

  2. I understand that this wedged tenon is stronger than a standard tenon joint. When would you prefer a fox wedged joint over a standard joint? Could someone point out some examples?

    1. Mirror frame, Cupboard door, Toolchest lid, Drawer panel…
      Somewhere you’d normally use a standard tenon, but where it’s subjected to frequent / heavy use.

    1. Hi,

      Paul says:
      The 3mm difference depends on the size of the frame. 3mm is actually is only 1.5mm out of square which is certainly tolerable on this size of frame. If the frame was a ¼ of this size, then you would need to take remedial action. It could be that the shoulders from side to side are not equal and so need correction, or the positioning of your clamps has caused compression in the join line and forced the frame out of square. Without holding the frame in my hand it is hard to make that evaluation.

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