1. Let me say it: I’m still holding my breath…

    At first I was totally intimidated by the carving work. Now, I think I have the confidence to aboard this type of job (I hope).

    Thank you Mr. Sellers for this wonderful episode.

  2. I can’t help but wonder why you don’t simply use a protractor to measure the angles between the points on the star…. 360 degrees / 5 points = 72 degrees between points..then simply mark them off with a protractor starting at the perpendicular line.

  3. Is that an Ashley Iles Bevel edged chisel? – The acute angle of the bevel forms lovely thin sides to the chisel – Perfect for this type of fine work.
    A lot of chisels seem to be more like Bevel edged Firmer chisels.

  4. For those who are interested, you can calculate the distance between any number of points of stars by using this calculation: 2 x Radius x sine(Pi/number of points). Note: remember to do the calc inside of the parenthesis first! Using this calculation with a five pointed star and a radius of 1″ you should come up with 1.175570505″ between the star points or 1 11/64″.

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