1. Thanks for the video. As for those bothered by the repurposing of the old chair, from a resource stewardship standpoint, reusing wood is undoubtedly better than getting “new wood.” And if the craftsmanship of the old chair is not particularly valuable, as in the case of mass produced furniture, then nothing is lost by disassembling and transforming good wood into good work.

  2. I can’t believe these people complaining about “destroying” the chair! Folks, this is not a classic antique item! These chairs are “a dime a dozen” in yard sales and such. It is not being destroyed; it is being turned into something a child will cherish and pass on to the next generation!

  3. Great Video!
    Restoration is good as well, particularly if its been in a family and has an owner who will use it. A single chair in the ‘skip’ ? Not too many folks are going to want it.
    I agree with Marco – this stool will be around another 100 years, and it sends a valuable message (repurpose and reuse) to the tot who sits on it.
    I’m amazed what Paul finds – elm, mahogany – I seem to always find tables and chairs built of pine or plywood – or worst (Ikea).

  4. Use of wood and parts from old unusable furniture is something I have been doing for a long time. An example, I recently used turned spindles from the back of an old chair to make my granddaughter a 4 poster doll bed.
    Thanks Paul for you approach to wood working and sharing. I have always believed there are two types of wood workers, carpenters and craftsman. I am 77 and have been doing wood working as a hobby since I was 14, you have helped me become more of a craftsman. Much appreciated.

    1. Card scrapers come in different thicknesses. Thinner versions are very easy to bend to task and will work for inner and outer curves. Paul has a free video on making a hand carved bowl on his youtube channel. He uses a card scraper to refine the inside.

  5. Unfortunately, the original chair would have been sold as firewood today. Even if I could find an Elm board today to remake just the original chair seat, it would cost me 30 or 40 times what the whole scrap chair was sold to Paul for, I guess.

    Now the step/stool will be a useful piece of furniture probably unit his granddaughter’s granddaughter’s time…

  6. I don’t think so. Paul has done a hundred videos starting with new wood. This is a great video if you want to repurpose an old chair that would otherwise be thrown in the garbage.

  7. In the US that chair would have gone to the landfill and if it was lucky it would have become bark dust after being ground up. Instead it is recycled into a stool that may be used by children for years to come. Paul has shown how to make chairs before, if you choose to make one from scratch watch those videos for making the seat. The legs can be used for tool handles, the spindles for pegs etc. most of it can be reused into other items.

  8. All of this talk of destruction and disbelief. Sure, the chair was still usable in it’s original state but the purpose of this is to represent upcycling something that may not be in such good shape.

    A good exercise for those who need it.

  9. For those who think it’s terrible to recycle the chair, realize it’s almost impossible to find elm. And I’m sure his grand daughter will be more excited about her own stool, too.

  10. Paul,

    Thanks for reminding us to make sure we have the auger bit going in the right direction when drilling the leg holes!
    How often, in my haste, a moment of thought would have saved an error!
    If I might say, that very simple reminder, is why your such a great instructor. Thank you Paul.

  11. First love the boots your granddaughter(?) is wearing in picture. Remknds me of watching Peter Rabbit books and videos with my daughters.
    Hope the naysayers dont see the two chair seats and a bunch of spindles I have stashed in my garage. The manufacturer used nails and staples to attached legs to seat and the wood was shredded.
    You keep following what your mind tells you is right.

  12. Arod, he used open handled small saws for his dovetail demonstration videos in the past because they were better out of the box than available gents saws. BUT, then purchased relatively inexpensive gents saws, filed properly, and set correctly to show the alternative to considerably more expensive saws on the market. The videos are available on his website showing how to do the same. From past explanations, my wording, his explanation. Some people have used hacksaws, what your budget allows you can get into wood working if you want to.

  13. TOTALLY cool! I just picked of a few chairs at a thrift store that will see new use and a new life. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy these videos. As for those who got their noses out of joint because he “destroyed” a chair that was destined for the trash heap…seriously???

  14. There should be a label placed on those who cry foul for you reusing a chair for innumerable benefit to those who are learning the trade. A dunce cap would work.

    One chair for the good of many. Well done.

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