1. A nice “little” project, with many subtle details. I have to say that I also appreciate the fact that the bench and cabinets of Paul’s workshop are functional and not just displays for an ultra-complete tool collection.
    The final realisation that this project was done with just a few tools, is inspiring for newcomers but also power-tool addicts that are tempted to try a more simple and quiet form of woodworking

  2. My daughter has her second birthday in a couple weeks and I’ve got a slab of 6/4 soft maple that has this project written all over it! Can’t wait to give this a go. I need to do more hand tool work. You’re an inspiration, Paul! All the best, Josh – FL.

  3. You switched from a chisel to your scrub plane which you’ve used many times before. I finally turned one of my bench planes into a scrub plane. If anyone has been putting this off for any reason take time to do it. It works great! The best hour I ever spent. Thank you Paul!

  4. Your love and caring for your sweet granddaughter is apparent throughout this project, Paul… right down to the last brush stroke. She will love it, as will her children, and her grandchildren. Thank you for giving a long-cut tree and a “dated” piece of furniture, new life and purpose, for a few more generations.

  5. Re shellac and linseed oil, try it on a scrap, there are a lot of variables between countries. I would probably linseed oil then paste wax it would likely last for years and if it gets scratched its easily touched up.

  6. I use shellac over linseed oil all the time. It’s my favorite finish for cherry. Just be sure to give the oil adequate time to cure before applying shellac, usually a few days, depending on conditions.

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