1. THANKS for yet another technique, the sliding dovetail socket.

    While I don’t need a coat rack, I DO need to do something about a tool shelf that has become wobbly on its french-hook mounting. Turning those canted hooks into right-angle shelf brackets will give me a sturdier mounting for that shelf.

    Thanks for showing the technique.

    1. Good idea, Bob. As you say, the ultimate value of this type of project is that it opens up possibilities. I’m building a Gentleman’s Valet based on Tom Fidgen’s design right now, and I’m going to use sliding dovetails rather than dowels to attach the hanger bracket. I happen to also need some hangers, so I get immediate value, too. 😉

  2. Thanks Paul. Once again a simple project that is so well refined. I learn something from just watching you work in every one of your videos. Just listening to the tools as you work has helped me refine my technique. Just curious about the manufacture of your chisels; they are mirror polished and they appear so elegant in your masterful hands. My thought was you deserve the very best and they compliment you very well.

  3. I’ve made four of these hangers now and it’s been great practice in fine tuning a perfectly fitted sliding dovetail. As you progress you may find one or two pegs don’t fit snugly. You could glue it or make another peg (and if all your joints are loose, it definitely would be worth the effort to have another go and work towards perfection). But if it’s just one (or two), better to fix the problem and get on with it – the solution I found for solving a loose joint is to add some blue painters tape to the peg. This tightens up the fit perfectly.

  4. Recently decided to give the coat rack a go. Looking at the diagram I am confused. To me it looks like there is a shoulder at the bottom of the pegs. Is this correct? I did not notice that in the videos

      1. Ah I see. The spacing of my hooks doesn’t match the spacing of the wall studs (poor planning on my part) so considering mounting it to plywood screwed into the studs but that wouldn’t look as nice.

        I noticed in the gallery too, everyone screwed right into the wall and it looks good flush.

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