1. Thanks Paul.

    Assuming two board orientations on the top look the same, would you choose one in which grain orientation is the same for all the boards?

    As a beginner, I find smoothing multiple glued up boards that change grain orientation a challenge. Though, this video had some good tips about using a cabinet scraper. I need to just spend some time at the bench getting comfortable with that tool.

  2. Fantastic project, thank you very much WWMC staff + Paul. Paul — Thank you SO much for imagining, designing, and building a project like this using only 3/4″ material. That’s so extremely thoughtful of you towards your audience.

    I believe that every time I’ve seen Paul make turn buttons they’ve always been from the same species of wood as the project. Given that they’re mostly hidden and have a utilitarian purpose, would Paul oppose using a cheaper wood, say Spruce or Pine or Poplar, for the turn buttons?


    P.S. Paul, if anyone examines one of your pieces in the future, I think their reaction will be quite a bit less subdued than as you put on once they realize it’s handiwork of the best of all time, Mr. Paul Sellers; once they realize you made it, they’ll realize they have a true treasure 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed the slow motion at around 20:00. The quality of photography and composition has so improved in my view. Congratulations team… Keep working hard, we are really loving it…



  4. Hello guys. Could you please help me to find proper Oil finish and wax for this table (or other similar projects)? As Paul mentioned there are several Danish Oils and waxes on the market and for me they are very expensive (especially if you put 5 coats of it on the table). Is this oil suitable? Rustins Danish Oil: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B007RL6MHA/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_1?keywords=danish+oil+duft&qid=1574211336&sr=8-1-fkmr1

    Thanks a lot for help and for a fantasic videos and Paul’s lifetime work, love you

  5. I know I’m coming late to this video but maybe someone will see this question.

    I’m finishing up my console table and was wondering what is the reason for plugging the end of the drawer bottom groove? Paul does it around 32:44 into the video.

    Love the videos! Thanks Paul and team.

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