1. Hi Masterclasses team,
    I like your videos a lot. But this one is honestly a bit disappointing.
    Every week on Wednesday I hurry up to finish my work to have time to watch the new Masterclasses video.
    But 15 minutes? And an own episode for this? Come on. I know you can do this much better.


    1. Hi @steff,

      Sorry you were disappointed. We aim to average over 30 minutes. Our episodes have been going way over that for a long time.

      However, this isn’t a new trend. Most videos will be over 30 minutes with only the occasional one being under.



      1. Hi Joseph.
        thanks for your friendly reply.
        Please don’t overrate my comment. I don’t want to say that anything is not good at Woodworking Masterclasses. I like the concept very much. I like the idea behind it. And I like to support you (even it will be only my payment 😉 ).
        And a lot of the things I’ve learned about woodworking I know from your videos.
        I was just disappointed by the amount of time for the actual one. Knowing very well that there were videos in the past which were much longer (and from time to time there are bonus videos).
        From my perception it looked a bit like getting ready quickly.

        But anyway. Looking forward to next week.

        Best regards,

      2. I would like to say, I will take quality over quantity anytime. I don’t see the amount of time – more, or less contributing to the quality. I think your videos display a lot of quality and care and I would not let the amount of time govern or possibly even degrade that principle.

  2. Paul I enjoyed this simple little project and have a couple to build. I may stain a couple and paint a couple depending where we decide to put them.

    Thanks for this this and look forward to the next project.


  3. Thanks a lot Paul and crew, liked the entire corner shelf series a lot.

    A like to add that, personally, I don’t mind you skipping over individual techniques that were covered several times before, making the current videos more concise and giving me the feeling that I have already come a long way (which I have, I think, although I have to admit that I haven’t built much from the class yet, but I did use the techniques I saw here for my own little projects).

    Please keep up the good work!

  4. Great. In this series what I enjoyed more was the joints of the back walls, the strip into the grooves. I’m used to tongue and groove but this seems better I think. I liked what Paul mentioned that with that joint you don’t have to worry about taking wider boards to account for the tongues, but also, its just easier to groove everything with the plough.

  5. Just wanted to check if possible, I bought a bottle of liberon spirit dye like in the video intending to go over the top with shellac. However the bottle says it is not be used like that. Is it at all possible?

    1. Hi,

      Paul says:
      I don’t think that it is stupid to ask such a question. You could use what’s called a french cleat or then again, hanging plates which are simple metal plates for screws into the back of the cabinet and into the wall.


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