1. @tomleg & @mxbroome1,
        As Max said, you don’t need one for long grain to long grain in this instance. End grain doesn’t glue as well, so the housing provides extra strength. They are both glued and screwed in place, which eliminates the need for clamping and adds strength.
        Thanks, Phil

    1. @canito79, Paul has written a few posts on the rasps he uses. The Auriou Cabinetmaker’s rasp in the second article is a no 10, and he also uses a smaller no 13 for refining work. We have also been using the fine Tome Feteira one which has been performing great for the price.


      Hope that helps

  1. Possibly you’re using the uMatrix Plugin to gain privacy.
    If so:
    Click on the uMatrix icon. The uMatrix “grid” opens.
    Click on the three vertical dots right of the “OnOff” switch. A drop down menu opens.
    Turn off the “Spoof Referrer Header” in the drop down menu.
    Click on the three vertical dots.
    Press the Shift key and hold it. Click on the “Reload” icon. The page reloads with the viible video.

    Hope this helps,


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