1. This a real skill builder. I agree this up another level.

    Even preparing the timber is a bit of a skill all done by hand.
    Also this is one I can do because of its small size. 😉
    Thanks Paul and team.

  2. Paul – did I miss when you said the dimension you had set the fence of the plow plane? I’m wondering where the groove is landing – it doesn’t appear to be centered.. This looks like a great project! – thanks! Cynthia

  3. Paul and camera staff, excellent skill builder. I must thank your camera person, we are able to see clearly how this work can be accomplished with just a few simple tools.
    No router jigging and noisy fuss to deal with. Just real woodworking as always.
    You and your crew are great. Absolutely PERFECT!

  4. Looking forward to starting this project (not finished my current project yet!) Paul – how do you recommend preparing the very thin stock for this project (by hand). When it is so thin it is difficult to plane…

  5. Nice project! Way to set a challenge for your students! And working with small pieces is always safer with hand tools than on power equipment.

    One question: when you use the shooting board to make pieces of identical length, would it not be possible (useful even) to gang the parts together, index the far end and shoot them all at once? Is that possible, or is it just too difficult to handle that many pieces in the shooting board?

    Could they for instance be indexed then clamped together against the shooting fence? Or, if not, registered then locked together with some blue tape? Or, maybe find the shortest piece in the group, shoot it then clamp a stop to the fence at that distance? I can even envision a longer fence to accommodate longer pieces.

    And finally, could the shooting board (or something like it) be used to make all the thicknesses identical too? Say by clamping a right-angle fence in place at a specific distance from the plane fence (shooting the fence might be the first step here).

    Or is this going beyond the intent of the project?

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