1. now to search ebay for a 1/8 firmer chisel 0r 3mm which ever comes first boy oh boy i hope my eye sight can deal with these small mortices i’ll be like Mr magoo doing these little joints time to put windows in my shed i think artificial light just isnt cutting it .

  2. I bought a 1/8 firmer chisel a month ago at a garage sale for 25 cents. I bought it thinking to myself I would never use it, but for a quarter, I’ll take it. Now I will use it.
    This is a funny world.

  3. I found this cheapie 1/8″ chisel (yes I know, Irwin-Marples, but still…)


    It looks like it already has a firmer chisel’s shape (no side bevels). I saw it on the Home Depot website for about 10 dollars USD with free shipping-to-store.

    Any thoughts?? Would you guys buy one? lol

    1. I got the same one, I think, from Amazon. I figure it’ll get me through this project and for that alone, worth the small price. And it’ll probably do fine for those other rare times I need a 1/8 chisel. I haven’t used it yet. Finally got through part 1 yesterday and have the whole frame made and fitting together well. Cut up my glazing strips tonight and started planing them down to exact size. I’ll get to the mini mortises over the weekend.

  4. For those who were worried about the Sellers Effect on tool shortage, there has been time for these prized chisels to reappear! Paul, remember that bench before you patched it along side of your vise. Has it been that long? Seems like just a wee bit back.

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