1. Keith.

    Some species of Proposis ( mesquite and new word Algarrobo ) are legume in the pea family have among the highest a tannin content of woods, so if your skin chemistry is “wrong” , you will likely get a dark stain. Other woods with tannin will also darken with a base or acid, depending on species. , ( Cherry ( base) , oak (acid), walnut( acid) hemlock ( acid) etc. )As you might have found out, ordinary soaps and hand cleaners don’t help much in getting it off your skin.

    But lemon or lime juice should clear things up on your hands nicely with mesquite. Eventually things will settle down.

  2. I Hate word replacement. The proper genus for Mesquite and Algarrobo is prosopis. And the algarrobo is not the European carob tree of the same name.

    And lemon/ lime juice will also rid your skin of walnut stain.

  3. Thanks, it goes away in about a day or so, I have noticed it a little bit before with other woods, but nothing this bad. Had a board of mesquite stashed away, first time ever using it. Took me three days in a row to realize it was just the wood and nothing else I had my hands on

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