1. It is fantastic it see a master furniture maker show so much. Learning about the grain and the sound of the cutting and driving tools. I would like to see some of the copies of your drawings. It would make following along with your method much easier.

    Thank you for showing us how it is done.

  2. This is unbelievable instruction, the detail and depth of knowledge shared is wonderful. I do have a band saw which I used to rough cut the back posts, however, I believe I’ll cut the curve for the support rails by hand per Paul’s instruction. I had intended to cut my tenons with my table saw, but I tried doing them with hand tools and can’t see any advantage to the table saw. I’m looking at quality English-made tenon saws on Ebay right now and intend to get one. This is my first chair, going to make a complete set for the kitchen, really enjoying the challenge. Thanks for being an excellent instructor, Paul!

  3. I did well on my leg layout. The curve in the back rest was giving me a little trouble. Great thing about a video is I can watch several times and pause when needed. Got it handled and laid out. I will shape them this upcoming weekend. Thanks for the help

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