1. A difficult concept once again succumbs to Paul’s simple steps approach 🙂
    I had always considered chair making to be one of the Dark Arts, due to the angles involved, but this project is de-mystifying that for me. Looking forward to the next step.

  2. Hi Paul. I know you like to keep the tool-kit as simple as possible for these projects but this really was the perfect application to introduce a shoulder plane. It would have completed the task in 1/2 the time with far less danger of blowing out an edge or cheek while paring with a chisel. You often show alternate methods for completing a task and this might have been a great time to add a new tool and skill to the arsenal.

  3. I’ve been looking forward to this series Paul. You teach so well. It is nice to see the involved steps one must take in layout to get the desired result. So many go through the motions of the build but it seems like magic on how they got to the point of the cutting.
    Thanks once again!

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