1. I am in agreement with the others, every video I learn more and more, thank you very much for your patient explanations. I can’t even begin to tell you how enjoyable these videos are and these are fun projects which I am anxious to make.

    Thanks again Paul !


  2. Paul,

    You have a refreshingly straightforward style of teaching. Your years of experience and your economy of motion make each step work just as planned. It is great motivation to go, practice and learn. Thanks


  3. I watched this with my two month old grandson in my lap. I guess it is never to early to start. He started out fussy, but your peaceful style soothed him to sleep. Thanks for all your excellent teaching, and for calming down my grandson. Can’t wait to pass on this craftsmanship to him and his siblings. Luckily I have time to learn from you, sine the oldest is just turning three this month.

  4. Great video Paul.
    Couple of questions:
    -Why don’t you use a marking gauge to define the base line of your DT’s. It seems like that would be faster and easier?
    -Also, why do you use a chisel to flush up the joints instead of a plane? It seems like the plane would be faster and there would be now risk of breakout on the end grain?

  5. Paul, I’ve been watching your YouTube videos for a month or two now. Finally dished out the big money (15 whole dollars!) to see more. Fantastic. You’re a great teacher. I love your down-to-earth, no-nonsense style. I’ll be starting my chisel box soon.

  6. Well, I got my dovetails done. First pins I cut on the wrong side of the lines, making the opening at least 1/16″ too big. Thought about gluing some wood in there to fix it, but wound up just cutting off the pins, so now my box is 1/2″ thinner. As for the four final joints, they range from poor to almost good. I can say I learned a bit more on every single one, so I just might crank out a few more of these boxes until I get this down.

  7. I made the first dovetail joint and its a bit loose, any suggestions on it, I think I may have got the pin marking wrong.

    You make it look so easy, it’s remarkable, I am thinking of getting the tight fit on all the other three joints.


    1. Maninder having only made a handful of dovetails myself I hear you. All I can say is make more of them, and watch the videos again. My first corner was bad, the other three got progressively better. Oh and try not to compare yourself to Paul, because it’ll take a while to get to that level.

  8. Videos are great! But what if the box is out of square just after a glue? Yours was dead square. But I wonder what your technique would be to square it up? Maybe that’s coming up later in the series?


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