1. THANKS!
    As always, an enlightening episode. I jumped ahead and prepared a lid using my moving fillister plane to cut the rebates. This episode showed that they can be cut with a saw in probably less time than it takes to set up the plane I call Mr. Fussy. Thanks for that!

  2. You got me there 🙂 I have bought a rebate plane and a combination plane off ebay to do the various groves in this box and you do it all with a saw and a chisel ! all tools I had already…..I live and learn ( less is more I think ! ) 🙂 Great set of video’s Paul, Thank you.

  3. This is a great project. I have made 5 boxes already and all are full of little odds and ends now. Thanks for all your efforts Paul and Joseph. This online learning is very enjoyable.

  4. I am very new to hand tools. I can tell this class is helping me greatly. I do not have a tendon saw. If I were only able to afford one, would I be better off to get it filed rip or crosscut? How do I know the proper length to purchase? I see 12,14,16 inch. I do not know how to fit myself.. I am having a really good time here. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hello Boyce. Watch the saw sharpening video to get the answers. You should get it rip cut as Paul says. About 12 to 15 Teeth per inch (ppi) should work very well all around. Best.

    1. Of course you can; there is no reason not to, but there is no reason to either. The groove is purely to allow cover and uncover. I can see that the end groove sort of finishes things off if you like that concept though.

  5. Paul…is there any reason you do not recommend the use of the plow plane in cutting the rebates? With an auxiliary fence and a 3/8″ or 1/2″ cutter you can use the plow plane for cutting rebates. I have tried this with my Record 043 and it works well. Is there a drawback to this method that is not immediately obvious?

    Thank you

    1. I know this is well past your posting date but , for the other newbies like me, a ploughing or moving fillister plane would work great for this. A Stanley #78 is made for this kind of work. Both ate great if you have them but if you don’t, a saw an chisel will get the Job done. Paul, as usual, is demonstrating both options so as to include as many as possible into the project. Very thoughtful and helpful as well.

  6. Hi Paul (& team),

    Great videos and really useful but I can’t find them on your YouTube channel. Is there anyway episodes 4-8 could be uploaded so I can continue to develop my dovetail box making.

    Many Thanks


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