1. I’ve just got started in spoon making – haven’t touched the other lessons. By signing up for this dovetail will it put me out of sync with the other lessons in the book? Also if I go online do I have to watch each lesson otherwise I will miss it? I soaked the spoons made out of cherry wood and a black moldy looking substance came out that was impossible to sand out even with heavy grit. Have you heard of this?

    1. Hi @larryweaver, I am not sure I understand your questions well enough to properly reply. This dovetail caddy is a free project, no need to sign up. Don’t worry about getting things ‘out of sync’. Learn as much as you can when you get the chance.

      What did you soak your spoons in?

  2. re pauls #4 stanley i bought a used one the center was concave . 025in sides were square to sole i worked on it until it was dead flat thinnest shaving i have made .oo135 excellent plane just keep working on it paul took me nearly 4 hours

  3. Some how I over looked this one, so LIL great video and love those little caddy’s, Great job Guy’s.


    PS: Where do you find the brush Paul use’s ? I take it you don’t need to buy one of $20 brush’s the Borg sells.

  4. Steve, I just purchased a 3 pack of various sizes for $4.99 at my local craft store. They are not identical, as they have a metal binding, but they are goat hair and seem to perform exactly as Paul’s does when loaded with shellac… Works great, much better than the $20 natural bristle brush I bought at the home center actually 🙂

  5. Dear Paul
    Just discovered you in the last few days and have binge watched ever since. Absolutely loving your inspiring brilliance.

    As a complete amateur, may I check that this is the process for the final finish….
    3 coats of shellac
    Wire wool that down? (No actual sand paper involved)
    Then add a pre mixed (bees wax and turpentine) furniture polish?
    (No actual sand paper involved)

    I watched the end twice but would have loved to have seen you working your magic with that final step to completion.
    Are there other videos on this that you have made?

    Once again thank you and you have a new major fan and disciple.



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