1. Thanks a lot for going into depths again about planing. To me, planing flat, square and twist-free are the hardest skill in woodworking (so far) but I am getting better with every new detail that I learn from (mostly) your videos.


  2. Paul, I really thank you for this exhaustive description of how to make and fit drawers to any
    project. Now I will feel comfortable making the chest of drawers for my son.

    Please continue with you perfect methods of woodworking! When you retire, do not forget to
    have a skilled artisan to follow in your “hand steps”.

    Best regards,
    Jim Childress

  3. I only have access to 3/4 inch thick stock and don’t own a band saw. What method should I use to get it down to 1/2 inch for drawer sides? Should I just plane it down to the thickness? What are your thoughts on using 3/4 for the sides also?

    1. Hi Nicholas,

      The unfortunate part is that overly thick drawer sides make no difference to the final appearance when the drawer is closed, but when you open the drawer it looks clunky and overweight. My suggestion is plane the drawer sides down to half an inch and hopefully they’re not very big.

      Kind Regards,

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