1. Hello, it seems to me that 5.1 degree for the tenon shoulder did not work. I am sort of stuck in the project, trying to figure out the angle. Any help? I followed the drawings, but it didn’t seem to work 5.1.

        1. 5.1 Degrees?
          That sounds too precise to me. Impossible to recreate accurately.

          However, that number makes more sense if it is written in reverse and expressed as a ratio, i.e 5 : 1.

          To construct a slope of 5 : 1……..

          1 – Take a piece of scrap wood with a straight edge.
          2 – Mark a line with a square at right angles to the edge.
          3 – Measure and mark out 5 units – inches or cm (inches are better because they are larger – more accurate) up the vertical line.
          4 – Measure 1 of the same units along the base/edge, make a mark – connect the two with a line and set your adjustable square to this line.
          5 – You now have a ratio of 5 : 1.

          The same method is used for setting out the angles of dovetails.
          Good luck.

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