1. I have made hand mirrors before………. numerous ,in fact. But I used a band saw and hand held power router and jugs for same. I am looking forward to the hand tool techniques. I am hoping to wean myself off poser tools altogether. I learned this hobby backwards. I started with power tools!

  2. I am sooooooo excited to learn some inlay and chip carving techniques, Paul! What an excellent idea for a practical little project that we can really focus on learning some new skills. Thank you for thinking of this. All the best to you and all of your ‘remote’ crew, thank you for managing to keep things moving along. Stay well.

  3. Having seen the first episode, I’d love to make some of these as giftd… However I’m having trouble finding a source for the mirrors… Any suggestions? (UK based)
    Also, cutting list specifies “any hardwood”… Would pine not be suitable for this, becasue of the spliting?


      1. We used round craft mirrors under the centerpieces at our wedding a few years ago. They’re approximately the same size as these.

        I believe we ordered them off Amazon as a 12-pack.

        I don’t have an alternative for those wishing to avoid big box sellers.

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