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      Paul says:
      Not too sure what normal is, as there is no industry standard, however if I took this stool outside to sit on to harvest my beans I would want the wider surface to prevent penetrating the soil.

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    1. https://woodworkingmasterclasses.com/videos/carved-mirror-frame-project-info/carved-mirror-frame-episode-5/ at about 25:30.
      I was thinking that now that Paul is getting deeper into stuff that he may need to start adding cross references like they do for dimensions to previous videos or the common woodworking site if the info is on there. Or even to the youtube site if its there. If you are like me and only use a technique a time or two, I have to go back and watch something as a refresher. There is an amazing amount of teaching on this website.

  1. Another enjoyable episode, with another dozen woodworking tips from the master. I haven’t come across the clamp in the vice trick before now… seems such an obvious thing now. Lifting off with the spoke shave to prevent over-tapering and fine tuning with the card scraper were also tips gratefully received.
    Ongoing thanks to Paul and co. for the lessons.

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