20 comments on “Hanging Wall Shelf: Episode 3

  1. Once again Paul shows craftsmanship, years of practice making it look effortless. Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler show similar skills, might be a British thing? Spot on Paul, great series.

  2. I really liked the pace of this project as I have been able to keep up by completing each section per the video. It is great training for all the joints, but it helps me to work patiently too.
    I see there is a back wood piece when the shelf is hung on the wall that is not on the project . How would be the best way to hang this on the wall? That would be my only question on this project. Everything else was very well done and clear like the other projects. Thanks.

  3. Hi Paul and team,
    thanks for the great project, I am really keen on giving it a try.
    I have a question on the strength of the housing joints in the top and bottom boards. If I imagine this as a bookshelf or anything that is loaded considerably on the bottom shelf, the sides will want to slide out of the housing joints. Even more so, if the shelf is hung to the wall with a french cleat that is fixed to the top board then all the weight pulls the sides out of the housing joints in the top board.
    Would you only recommend this construction for “lightly” loaded shelfs (I think Paul mentions using it as a spice rack?), or does your experience show the joints in the top and bottom boards to be strong enough for larger loads such as books for example? What if the shelf was scaled up?
    Thanks for all your great content!

  4. Some one take 4 pieces of scrap, cut some dados, hang it on the wall and start piling weight on it. I’m sure there’s a point where it will fail, obviously, but I bet it can hold more of a load then I’d guess

  5. Took a break from my workbench project today and cut and fitted the tenons for my top and bottom Cross Rails. I’ve machined dozens and dozens of tenons through the years. This was my first time cutting and fitting tenons by hand. Very enjoyable. I love my new Router Plane.


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