1. Hello Mr Sellers and Team,
    The veneers that I have experienced on furniture have been very thin, so I am basing my question on that. Is there a potential problem of delamination occurring with people’s thighs moving against the front apron or does your thicker veneer solve this problem. If it is an issue could you add something along the same lines as a drawer beading as protection?
    Regards and thanks,

    1. Hello Allan,
      With careful application and trimming of the veneer, this shouldn’t be a problem. You can also make adjustments to the height and depth of the apron to avoid it being a rubbing point.

  2. Beautiful piece.
    I think Paul used 240 grit sandpaper before the final shellac coat in other finishing videos- the same here? Couldn’t quite make out the grade used in this video but i imagine it’s more or less always 240?


  3. Hello Jeff,
    The sandpaper gives the surface tooth which gives something for the finish to attach to. All the surfaces are planed or scraped prior to that, so the sanding of the whole project only uses a couple of pieces of 240 grit. Maybe try with and without on a test piece and see how you get on?
    All the best.

  4. Is the method of attaching the pencil box used here a typical/traditional method? I see lots of antiques that have a small case piece on top of a flat top and was always curious how they were attached. Thanks

  5. I’d like to make this, but with the boxes slightly deeper (top to bottom, not front to back). What, roughly, would be the maximum depth without causing movement issues between the veneer and the solid wood? Thanks!

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