1. Speaking only for myself, I smiled when you presented your error to us. Only because it made me realize that we are ALL prone to error at any time no matter our level of skill. Thank you for sharing that bit and also how to correct for it. It was valuable to me. I am looking forward to making two of these to flank my living room fireplace.

  2. I wondered about the noise too. IF the video techniques are in keeping with the woodworking techniques it might be a hand-crank projector with the film crew doing editing on the another project, … or possibly a ventilator for the colorizing team.

    This project is as surprising as the plywood bench. Paul never ceases to think of ways to reach all parts of the crowd that is following his work. Like a flat-pack modern bookcase that targets the apartment crowd or those on mobile assignments. I can’t wait to see how the shelves finely fit together!

  3. This video only got 14 seconds in when it stopped, with the hula-hoop circling to show it was trying to load more…but it never did. It’s probably the result of many millions of people staying home to practice disease-avoidance, and perusing the wobbly world wide web, and gobbling whatever band-width is available. That’s OK, I’m bored, and watching the hula-hoop is relaxing. [ very gentle sarcasm, there. ]

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