1. Lovely work! I know it’s so difficult for you guys in UK with this pandemic… wish it was over and you had some help there to put the linen cabinet on the bench…at the end of the bench would still give a visual to the camera.
    By the way, I don’t remember…is that middle shelf set back enough? I’m sure it is. Just got a bit nervous with the hinge being up there.

  2. Not only a great source of knowledge and inspiration but I have to giggle at something almost every video. This episodes comment that had me laughing: “not my finest moment”. So great to learn about the person behind the craft as well as the knowledge. Thanks!!!

  3. Lovely work as always, but I like seeing the mistakes. Look at the dovetail shoulder line at 24:15.
    I always aim for perfection, but this makes me feel like I’m on that level already – but of course I’m not (-:

    Keep the great job Paul and rest of the team, I’ve learnt so much from you!

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