1. Hi Paul,
    I am working on several projects around the house that need to get done quickly, before winter weather makes it impossible. Once done, and finishing the last odds & ends on constructing my workbench, I will be starting on the rocking chair. It is fascinating watching your technique, I am learning so much – I just hope I can come close to your construction quality. I sure will be a lot slower than you but how else can one learn new skills.
    Thanks for producing this video set.

  2. Another great one. I like the time lapse, wondering if others may like to see the elapsed full time that we missed, like for shaping the second rail for instance (similar to what is done with the pop up measurement equivalents). Just a thought to Admin?

  3. Mr Sellers,

    You used the plane in both directions cleaning up the outside of the curved rails…. I would think in at least one half you’d be going against the grain. Is tear out a concern? Is it somehow alleviated by the curve?

    Thank you,

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