1. I asked Paul and his reply is below:
      Hardware is a matter of personal preference. Bed bolts work great, it’s just a matter of precise drilling. They could could follow the procedure we used on the baby cot 3 years ago. Which I felt worked really well because the bolts remained in situ and remained aligned.

  1. That was a surprise. Was there any indication that Paul was going to use these fastenings? I can see why, to allow the bed to be dismantled, but it could have been mentioned earlier. More importantly it would have been useful if Paul could have named these especially as he says they are hard to come by. I have found some by searching for ‘bed rail fastenings’ but all from US sites. I eventually found some on Amazon.co.uk but even these are American imports. where can they be bought in the UK?

  2. @kisser and @deanbecker : a simple F5 does the trick for me… reload the page and you’re good.

    It’s amazing how the undertrain eye would lame at the mortise … but when you know how hard it is to work end grain … these mortise are a masterpiece.

    I really appreciate to see the screw and bit break, especially at the very end of the video, it show how honest you are, no video editing magic… just the plain truth that comes with its hardships. “screw break, never mind i’ve got a trick for this”,bit breaks,”well, here we go again then”

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  3. The close-ups are excellent and very informative. As others mentioned in previous comments, I am also amazed to discover (in episode 8) the furniture hardware that Paul uses to assemble the bed. Not that this particular choice surprises me (I’m not competent at all to suggest another choice !), but personally, I would have liked Paul to explain to us beforehand (when introducing the project) the different types of furniture hardware that can be used for a bed. More generally, furniture hardware could perhaps be the subject of a video theme in its own right. Paul tells us that these hardware items are hard to find, I can only confirm (I live in France); there are fewer and fewer hardware stores, and what you can find in DIY stores does not match the quality that those who follow Paul’s videos expect. There remains the internet…and the best (hard to find) is hidden in the forest of the worst (ubiquitous). Thank you Paul for showing us with humility what can happen to all of us (breaking a screw) and how to deal with this type of incident !

  4. Jaques, see my comments on Episode 9 re an alternative and simpler way of fixing the side rails to the headboard that does not use any hardware and can still be dismantled. I suspect you may wait a long time to get a response from Paul’s team. Maybe Ray51 had the same idea with the suggestion of bed bolts.

  5. Thank you Michael, but I doubt I will be buying any. I can think of better and simpler ways of attaching the side rails to the headboard that can still be dismantlable. Paul’s lack of an explanation as to where he bought these did not help and he should have explained that this is just one possible way of putting the bed together and there are alternatives.

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