1. I cannot see how Paul determines the vertical position of each of the slats. He appears to position the centre and end slats by eye. If he did some measurement I could not find it. He then produces a curved template out of the blue for positioning the other slats. Where did that come from? Again I cannot find where he describes that. I have no desire to find fault for the sake it as Paul is clearly a wonderful master craftsman, but the description of the methodology for this project continues to baffle me. Again and again, key steps seemed to have been missed out in compiling the videos. Paul clearly has time to answer comments on his latest Facebook post, adding a screw to a dovetail. I would dearly love someone in his team to give a proper response to the many comments I have left here.

    1. I know this is frustrating regarding the template which is because there are no drawings. Some of these details like the template will be clarified in the drawings. We apologise again that they are not available yet. We are working our way through these behind the scenes.

  2. Thanks Paul. I learn a lot when you have issues/challenges that come up during the build.

    Are you predrilling the holes in the head and footboards? If not, which is what appears to be the case in the video, is it because you are using self taping screws?

  3. Thank you Katrina, but as far as I can see you are at least 8 months behind in providing drawings. Is this acceptable? I do not need accurate drawings but can we please, please have some rough sketches which describe the parts and give critical dimensions, eg the thickness of the timber recommended to make a stable bed and the thickness of the laminates so they can be bent without cracking. Without these we are working blind.

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