1. Paul,

    I could not help smiling when saw you sketching the room and arrangement of furniture with pencil, rule, and paper.

    I was trained in drafting ( a bit) when I was young, but during my professional career I became an avid computer user. I have used Sketchup and Fusion 360 as matter of course, yet when I design a project for carpentry or woodworking, I always make a scale drawing by hand. I just can’t visualize things as quickly and efficiently without a pencil, rule, and grid paper to lay out my thinking. The computer designing programs just get in my way.

    Thanks for filming another great project.

  2. I find there’s a huge advantage in planning the slow old fashioned way – you get to live and breathe the concepts rather than just see pictures rapidly generated. Carefully thinking and placing each piece allows you to reflect on how the pieces interact with each other, with the space and with you, and identify issues that may not be evident in the rush to produce a plethora of scenarios.

  3. Not only do I come here to enjoy Paul’s work and learn skills to use in my own life. But, today I also learned of an awesome Christmas gift for my daughter who loves work with me in the garage building and creating. The cardboard construction kit is definitely on Santa’s list!

  4. Hi,

    I am really eager to start on this project soon but it would be really helpful if I can see some basic cutlist and dimesions that Paul used. Even simple pictures of the plan he used in his notebook would be great too. Or is there a place the plans are already available which I am not aware of. Thank you in advance and I love watching and following Paul’s videos and I know I am just one among many! 🙂

    1. Finally I finished this project! This is my first big fine furniture project and came out really good considering I am such a newbie…I chopped my first mortise and tenon completely by hand…some mistakes were made but every subsequent joinery was better and faster than previous…
      It took me some time to watch the videos multiple times and understand the dimensions and modify as per my needs..I was nervous but it came out super good!
      Thank you so much Paul for these wonderful lessons and making me believe even I could achieve such tasks with hand tools.
      Just one minor issue I am having – my drawer seems to get sticky every now and then but as soon as I pull it once it is smooth. Is this because I used shellac on lower side of drawer as well as the rails? I hope ut goes away after a month or so because I want to keep this traditional and not go for metal drawer slides. Thank you!

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