1. Paul,

    I could not help smiling when saw you sketching the room and arrangement of furniture with pencil, rule, and paper.

    I was trained in drafting ( a bit) when I was young, but during my professional career I became an avid computer user. I have used Sketchup and Fusion 360 as matter of course, yet when I design a project for carpentry or woodworking, I always make a scale drawing by hand. I just can’t visualize things as quickly and efficiently without a pencil, rule, and grid paper to lay out my thinking. The computer designing programs just get in my way.

    Thanks for filming another great project.

  2. I find there’s a huge advantage in planning the slow old fashioned way – you get to live and breathe the concepts rather than just see pictures rapidly generated. Carefully thinking and placing each piece allows you to reflect on how the pieces interact with each other, with the space and with you, and identify issues that may not be evident in the rush to produce a plethora of scenarios.

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