1. Now this I like and I have just the spot for it! I also have some walnut just aching to be used.
    It’s time to sharpen my plane irons and chisels, after I work my bees!
    Let’s go!

  2. Thanks Paul. I’m looking forward to this. I’ve wanted to convert my living room into essentially a library with wall to wall bookshelves. In some respects, building these bookshelves was one of the earlier drivers. Do you address weight of books and thickness of shelves? I know folks talk about some “sagulator” calculator I can find online to determine thickness of wood needed for distance between the shelves. Mostly want to hear your thoughts on this topic.

  3. I did something similar to what you are attempting- a set of wall to wall and floor to ceiling bookcases along one wall of my living room. I used this link for sagulator: http://woodbin.com/calcs/sagulator/ . I built my shelves out of commodity yellow pine from a big box store because of price. Honestly, this wood was a pain to work with. I let it sit for weeks to normalize and then proceeded to turn 2X12 stock into 1 inch boards. I’d plain one side dead flat and then used a bandsaw to rip the width down to 1 inch. As soon as a board came of the saw you could almost visibly see it start to cup. I ended up having to create 1 1/4 in boards, let them cup then flatten and resaw. In the end, the shelves turned out great. I painted them white which is what I wanted from the start and aside from being hard to dimension to a stable final size, the yellow pine was otherwise great. Overall the shelves span 175″with a window in the middle. I made a window seat under the window. Also made custom molding that was pretty easy to accomplish and turned out nice. Good luck with your project.

  4. It looks stunning in cherry. I just bought a bunch of pine for the other bookcase but i wonder Paul, could this bookcase design be up scaled to fit a whole wall. I’ve always wanted a bookcase like in the old libraries that are, i suppose, built-ins. A lovely design nonetheless and really cherry is such a perfect wood for this project. Best wishes.

  5. As Paul says…’PERFECT”! My cheap mass-produced wood book case didn’t hold up for even 5 years before it racked and showed split wood. I can’t wait to toss that thing and replace it with this one!

  6. Thanks. It will take a while. In episode 1, Paul used a thicker piece in the front. I’m guessing that this was to help stiffen the shelves as well as a visual style he was after. I hadn’t been thinking of that. As always, Paul has so much to teach us.

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