1. So, when preparing the boards for a panel glue up, do you leave them with the final thickness of the panel? Or do you leave them slightly over, to then plane one face after the glue up, and account for any cup/distortion that may occur when the panel is glued?


    1. I asked Paul and his reply is below:

      I can do either and both. I tend to let things float more than if using machines just because there is so much more work by hand planing and thicknessing. If I true up my individual boards and cupping or distortion occurs after glueing up I just work with the wood as is and even force compliance as best I can.

  2. Thanks Paul. Soon I will have my bandsaw operational (need to buy the dust collection still). Trying to get a feeling on how long bandsaw blades last. For this half inch bandsaw blade, did you need more than one for the entirety of this project?

  3. I found this video showing the steps of preparing the wood and Paul’s commentary very enlightening. I was particularly encouraged when I saw some of the steps I evolved to on my own validated by Paul. Thanks!

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