1. I’m very much looking forward to getting into this specific project when the cut sheet and plans are available.

    Also looking forward to a series of great teaching videos, and I very much will enjoy and look forward to the coming journey!

  2. Nifty. What are these blue plug things you’re using? I sometimes make mock-ups with cardboard to get a sense of look/feel/size of the end product, but meddling with cardboard & tape and then making changes to it always ends in a mess.. this looks a lot easier.

  3. 1:01-1:15
    This is what I strive for. I am making several of the items in this series. Either per the project or adapted to my needs.
    Thank you Paul, for your expert tutelage.

  4. Cockbead: Are there any plans in the future to show us how to do a Cockbead surrounding the edge of the drawer … you have referenced this several times in the past… way past in some cases! Would love to see it!

    thanks much


    1. I don’t remember them being taught here in WWMC, but if you look in the video library for the 22 Nov 2013 episode, “MAKING WOODEN DRAWER HANDLES,” you can see a drawer with cockbeading. Maybe that will help you to figure it out? You can see that the cockbead is made from some thin material, approx. 1/8″ thick, rounded over on its front edge. This is let into the perimeter of the drawer by cutting a rabbet in the drawer. The cockbead is mitered around the perimeter. If you look at that video, you can get a sense of the size of the cockbead and rabbet. You don’t need to make a drawer…just get a bit of wood the size of a drawer front and practice on it. You will need to be able to make a rabbet across the end grain. On a real drawer, that would be where the tails are from the sides, which makes it a bit easier. One consideration is that the rabbet not be of a size that compromises those tails, which really shouldn’t be a problem. Hope this helps in the interim.

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