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Dining Chairs Bonus Episode KF

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In the process of designing and making the prototype, Paul changed his mind to make the version better, and yet he had a fully made chair which he wanted to match the final versions he’d ended up signing off on. In this bonus episode, Paul took time out to make adjustments and carry out a repair that might help everyone. Join us to see how we can make a mistake, fix a correction and, with just a little effort, end up with a good outcome.

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  1. Ian Hemphill on 8 June 2022 at 4:02 pm

    Thanks for this one, Paul – it’s great to see a calm, measured acceptance that once an error has been made a real craftsman figures out what to do about it and then does it. I’m learning as much about shop attitude in this chair series as I am about complex geometries! Great series.

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